Dry orange peel and sandalwood powder face mask

Dry orange peel and sandalwood powder face mask

sandalwood face mask

It’s one of the great desires every woman wish to have beautiful and glowing skin. And to achieve this they do lots of stuffs and spent thousands of dollars in various products available in market. These chemical products does not gives any guarantee and may cause harm to your skin. Oranges are rich in vitamin-C and very useful in skin whitening and So, does the dry orange peel. Sandalwood has been considered a boon booty for years and gives great results in skin glowing.


  • Dry orange peel of at least 2 oranges.
  • 2 table spoon rose water.
  • 2 table spoon milk.
  • 2 table spoon sandalwood powder.


1)    Wash the dry orange peel and grind it in grinder to make fine powder.

2)    Take 2 table spoon of this fine orange peel powder in a bowl.

3)    Add 2 table spoon of sandalwood powder to the bowl.

4)    Add 2 table spoon of milk to the mixture.

5)    Add 3 drops or half table spoon of rose water to the mixture.

6)    Shake the mixture thoroughly.

7)    Apply the mixture gently on your face either using stipule or three of your fingers.

8)    Make sure you have cleaned your face and hand before applying the face mask.

9)    Wait for 15 minutes and relax.

10) Rinse face in lukewarm water followed by a clean washcloth.


Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes


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